Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is one of the best things you can do for your home to improve energy efficiency. You can easily cut your heating costs and cooling costs by simply having cellulose insulation professionally installed.

This is by far not a do-it-yourself job. It can be a very messy material to work with so calling in the professionals on this one is well worth it.


Saving energy costs is an ongoing benefit of having insulation installed. The money that you will lay out to have this insulation installed can be recouped in a short period of time in energy savings. Depending on the type of home you live in and other energy-saving measures like better doors and windows you can easily shave up to 30% of your energy bills.

The money that you pay for the insulation and the install is a one-time event while the savings are ongoing and can be quite substantial.

The Environmental Factor

Energy savings is cash in your pocket but there are benefits to cutting energy costs that go far beyond cash in the pocket. The environment benefits from every energy savings act. If each person took energy savings seriously the difference to the environment would be tremendous.

You can do your part by making sure your home is insulated using the best insulation possible.

Dry Cellulose

Dry cellulose is used to retrofit older homes. The material is blown into existing walls and in the attic. Cellulose is safer than working with angel hair types of insulation and is much easier to install in pre-existing construction.

This type of insulation does not require that the wallboards or drywall is removed. It is blown in to form a barrier between the interior walls and exterior walls. The material is blown into the spaces between the ceiling of the attic and the roof.

Retrofitting your older home with insulation is easy when you use Attics Plus for your insulation needs!

Wet Cellulose

In new home construction, the cellulose is wet and is blown in before the final walls are raised. The cellulose expands into all the cracks and crevices of the walls, ceilings, and other spaces between the interior and exterior.

These barriers prevent the heat from escaping and from getting in during the summer months. Of course, this blanket barrier has the effect of lowering your heating/cooling bills immediately! Blanket your home in comfort and save money!