Attic Ventilation

attic ventilation

An enclosed space lacking adequate air flow can become a breeding ground that traps moisture, encourages mold growth, and attracts pests. Your best defense is to ensure adequate attic ventilation, which will improve the performance of your insulation, and provide your home with a healthy atmosphere.

Effective Air Flow, Heat and Moisture Levels

At Attics Plus, we provide a professional assessment and recommendations to ensure that your attic receives a balanced ratio of air intake and exhaust. You need a system that regularly vents out bad, stale air, and brings in clean, fresh air.

A good ventilation system also protects against excessive heat and moisture. Trapped inside your attic, heat and moisture can eventually result in costly damage, and drive up energy costs. Our professionals help to ensure that your attic achieves an internal temperature and moisture levels that match external conditions as closely as possible.

Customized Ventilation Solutions

Since every house has different roof slopes, soffit availability, moisture level, and a host of other factors, achieving adequate attic ventilation can be challenging. At Attics Plus, we use our expertise to design a customized system that may include a combination of components including roof, soffit and turbine vents, continuous soffit ventilation and ridge ventilation using wind-driven baffles.

Attics Plus uses the finest products for our projects, such as Ventilation Maximum vents.

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