Crawl Space Insulation

Are your energy bills way up? Feeling a bit drafty in the house? There may be an area that you have missed when you were weatherizing your home against the winter chill. There are plenty of ways that the heat can seep out and the cold can seep in.

A lot of homes lose energy through the crawl space in the home. Crawl space insulation can solve the drafts and keep your home comfortable.

Older Homes

If you live in an older home you can just about guarantee that the crawl space of your home has not been insulated.  Without crawl space insulation you might as well open the window and through your money out the window because trying to effectively heat your home without the proper insulation is like heating the outside.

Older homes were often neglected when it came to insulation. Insulation was just not that important so it was often overlooked, a large part was due to the fact that insulation was simply not available or more correctly the options were very limited.

Retrofitting Older Homes

Frankly, it can be a real hassle to try to handle retrofitting an older home with insulation on your own especially crawl space insulation. It is a dirty job and it is something that absolutely has to be done right! Experts like the people at Attics Plus can easily retrofit your older home.

A lot of people wonder what constitutes an older home, they believe that if their home is 20 or 30 years old that it is not really an older home. They think that an older home is a home that was built 100 years ago.

The bad news is an “older” home can be a home that was built a mere 20 years ago when it comes to insulation purposes. Attics Plus can come out to your home and take a look to see what your insulation needs are!

Many people do not realize that their crawl space is unprotected, most people do not check their crawl space because it is difficult to reach. Calling in a professional is the best option. Attics Plus specializes in retrofitting older homes with the right type of insulation.

Don’t continue to throw money out the window! Cut your energy bill way down by insulating your home properly. Having the right insulation installed will put your cashback in your pocket where it belongs!