Eco Friendly Insulation

Many homeowners have made the choice to use eco friendly insulation to help meet their insulation needs. Eco friendly materials are materials that do not harm the environment no matter what stage of the life cycle they are in.

Weatherization does not have to be harmful to the humans that use it and to the environment that has to live with it. There are plenty of eco friendly options now that protects your home from the cold and heat but also protects the environment from harmful waste.


There are many materials that are used in insulation applications that have had a life as something else. Blue jean insulation is a prime example of a material being recycled into something useful. The blue jeans are shredded and go through a process that makes the blue jean materials ideal for insulation purposes.

Other materials that are used in eco friendly insulation are old rubber tires, old plastic soda bottles and other items that would normally wind up in the dump. Using eco-friendly materials serves three purposes.

Works Great

Using eco friendly material works great in providing insulation, these non traditional materials work great at providing the barrier that your home needs between the inside and the outside. These materials are formed and created into materials that work great at providing the protection that your home needs from the elements.

Protects the Environment

Using eco friendly materials protects the environment. You are actually helping the environment two fold, first by using ecor friendly materials that keep the environment safe and keep waste out of the landfill.

Of course by taking the initiative to insulate your home you are going to reduce your energy use and your energy costs. Reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy that you use is very god for the environment.

Reducing Your Costs

This type of insulation like most insulation will reduce your energy costs nicely! Saving money and protecting the environment is an added bonus of using this type of insulation.

Is It For You?

If you think that you would like to help protect the environment while saving money on your energy costs you can call Attics Plus and get the information you need to make a responsible decision. Eco friendly insulation may work nicely for you!

The cost is a bit higher for this type of insulation but is well worth the extra few dollar investment.