Customized Ventilation Solutions

If you live in an older home and in some cases a new home and you are suffering with any of the following:

Condensation build up on the rafters

Ice dams

Overly hot attic space

Roof rot

You may have a ventilation issue. You may have a ventilation issue because your ventilation is not working or non existing.  Most people never even think they have an issue until things start falling apart. Condensation goes unnoticed on rafters because no one really looks. It does get noticed though when mold starts growing or the rafters start rotting.

Ice dams build up on the roof of your home as snow melts and freezes over and over again. These ice dams cause shingles to rot and your roof to rot over time. If you notice that your attic is overly hot even on warm days you likely have a ventilation issue.

In many older homes ventilation was not a consideration when the home was constructed.It wasn’t until  engineering discoveries were made that it was realized how important attic venting is. In many older homes there is no venting or the venting is not working properly. In many cases it requires some customized ventilation solutions to retrofit an older home.

It is hard but not impossible to retrofit an existing home but it has to be done professionally to avoid any problems. It is not something that can be done on your own without some specific training.

Hiring a Good Installer

Retrofitting a home with a custom vent system is not an easy job. You need someone to come in that can look at your space and get a clear picture of the whats and the wheres. Proper venting is a lot more than simply cutting a hole through the attic ceiling into the roof.

There are so many things that need to be considered when customizing a system. It is imperative that you get someone in that is well trained in the process and that can help you to get your ventilation right. You need an experienced technician.

Cost Savings and Professional Service

Attics Plus

Attics Plus offers professional service that is affordable and will help you to keep your most important investment protected.  You can have a custom ventilation system installed at an affordable rate through Attics Plus.

You have to protect your home and you deserve top notch service let Attics Plus help you with your ventilation needs today!